At Relay, we believe that becoming a great teacher or principal is much like becoming a great musician or surgeon: It takes continuous practice, feedback, and dedication.

Our approach to training teachers and principals is distinct in the world of higher education. It begins with a curriculum that emphasizes the teaching and instructional leadership skills that have the greatest impact on student learning. We know that when teachers and principals develop these skills, they can forever improve the lives of children.

To identify these skills, we've turned to the teachers and school leaders who've led thousands of students to extra- ordinary growth and inspired other educators to grow their own ability to do so. These exceptional thinkers are never far from schools. But they're not sitting in ivory towers. They're faculty members at Relay.

They observe, coach, and mentor our students. They visit them in schools, where they watch them teach children and lead teachers. And when they're not right there in the classroom, they're side by side with our students, watching and analyzing video of them practicing the greatest profession in the world. They're pausing, rewinding, and replaying the video to give pinpoint feedback. They're suggesting approaches that come directly from the most successful urban schools in the United States.

We believe this is how promising teachers become good and how good teachers become great. It's how principals stop managing school buildings and start inspiring teachers. And it's how the next generation of schoolchildren become the best generation of adults. This is how we change education — with a few great educators creating an endless relay of them.

Learn. Practice. Perform.

At Relay, we give students unparalleled opportunities not only to learn the techniques that will make them more effective, but also to practice them with faculty and peers. The feedback they receive helps them refine their practice until they’re ready to perform with confidence in the classroom.

Professor teaching graduate students during Relay class session.
Academics. Character. Success.

Academics are important, but they represent only one dimension of a child’s development. For that reason, we encourage in teachers and principals to adopt a strong focus on personal character strengths that will help their students grow up to be happy, responsible citizens who show grit, love, integrity, and respect for others.

K-12 students working together to complete a science experiment.
Mission & Vision

Relay’s mission is to teach teachers and school leaders to develop in all students the academic skills and strength of character needed to succeed in college and life. Our vision is to become the place where a new generation of continuously-improving, results-focused individuals can fulfill their destiny in the world’s greatest profession.

A male teacher works with a young female student at Brownsville school on Brooklyn.