Relay graduate students talking in a hallway.

Relay Graduate School of Education is a growing national institution of higher education with campuses in five states and counting. Each year, we train more than 1,400 teachers and principals across the country.

What began as a single graduate classroom in New York City has become a national organization with additional campuses in Chicago, Delaware, Houston, Memphis, New Orleans, Newark, NJ, and Philadelphia & Camden.

Each campus is led by a dean, who also serves as the lead instructor, and a director of operations. Together, they recruit, admit, train and support Relay graduate students. A dedicated central team in New York City provides shared support for these regional efforts.

Relay campuses are in cities with: large numbers of teachers and principals who are eager for rigorous training; strong networks of education organizations and partners; a welcoming state regulatory environment; and a thriving local philanthropic community.

For more information about Relay’s planned expansion, or to explore opportunities to bring Relay to your city, please write to

Relay classroom door sign

Relay graduate students talking and laughing.