Dean Fellow Rebecca Good works with teachers during a workshop.

Relay prepares educators for success in the classroom through rigorous instruction both in-person and online, unparalleled opportunities for practice, and authentic assessment. Relay is honored to serve a dynamic and diverse group of educators throughout Connecticut. 

Rebecca Good

As founding Dean of Relay Connecticut, Rebecca Good is the educational leader for all programs in Connecticut. Good began her career teaching in the Miami-Dade School District. As a secondary ELA instructor at an alternative high school, she was named Teacher of the Year. Good also spent nine years at Elm City College Preparatory Middle School in New Haven, including six years as principal. Good earned her B.A. in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley, and her M.A. in Educational Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Dean of Relay Connecticut Rebeeca Good
A male teacher writes during a Relay Connecticut workshop.
Inaugural Programs

In partnership with statewide public school districts, Relay established a presence in Connecticut by offering high quality professional development programming to aspiring, mostly minority, educators. Recently, Relay has been approved to offer an alternate route certification program for both aspiring and current, non-certified school staff.  Successful completion of coursework leads to an Initial Educator Certificate in Connecticut.

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