Join the newest generation of educators who learn, practice, and become highly effective in delivering results for children. Launched in 2016, Relay Nashville brings a unique approach to preparing new teachers in order to address the urgent need to grow the number of effective, diverse teachers in Nashville.

Linda Lentz

As founding Dean of Relay Nashville, Linda Lentz leads the teacher training curriculum for the campus. She is an educational entrepreneur and leader who has achieved a remarkable record of successfully leading students and faculty to high levels of student achievement and growth. Prior to joining Relay, she co-founded RePublic Schools and was the founder and executive director of Liberty Collegiate Academy, one of the highest-performing schools in Tennessee. She was also a fellow with Building Excellent Schools and taught high school English as a member of Teach For America. Supporting in the launch of Relay Nashville is Dean of Relay Tennessee, Michelle Armstrong.

Dean of Relay Nashville Linda Lentz
Nashville Programs

In partnership with public K-12 schools in Nashville, Relay Nashville will launch two programs in 2016. The Relay Teaching Residency provides a gradual on-ramp to a career in teaching, where residents teach under the guidance of a master teacher in their first year and become full-time teachers in the second year of the program. The Relay Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) is a graduate degree program focused on practical and innovative techniques that make the deepest impact in classrooms.

Relay Graduate School of Education is authorized for operation as a postsecondary educational institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. In order to view detailed job placement and graduation information on the programs offered by Relay, please visit and click on the “Authorized Institutions" button.

Relay Nashville
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