Relay Newark Dean, Jamey Verrilli, teaches using the whiteboard.

Relay Newark is the graduate school for teachers who want to close opportunity gaps and fight for social justice. By combining in-person practice, performance-based assessments and rich online learning, we help teachers become more effective for their students in some of New Jersey's most challenging urban areas.

Senior Dean
Jamey Verrilli

As senior dean of Relay and founding dean of Relay Newark, Jamey Verrilli oversees all aspects of our teacher preparation programs in Newark and supports Relay deans in Philadelphia/Camden and Connecticut. He began his educational work in 1984, as a Jesuit Volunteer Corps community organizer in the Bronx. Verrilli then joined Link Community School, first as a teacher and eventually as principal. In 1997, Verrilli co-founded North Star Academy Charter School of Newark, where he was principal of the Downtown Middle School for 14 years. Verrilli has received numerous awards for this leadership, including the National Blue Ribbon Schools' Terrel H. Bell Award, given each year by the U.S. Department of Education to the top ten principals in the nation. He earned his B.A. in history from Colby College and his M.A.T. from Brown University.

Three graduate students work together with guidance from a Relay professor
Newark Program for Effective Teachers

Relay Newark now offers two programs for Newark Public Schools teachers. The Relay Newark Program for Effective teachers is designed to help NPS teachers take their skills to the next level. The Relay Newark Advanced Program in Special Education provides specialized training to enable general educators and special educators to better support exceptional learners. Both programs can be completed in one year and are aligned with Newark Framework for Effective Teaching.

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