Three Relay Principal Fellows work together in class.

Each year, we invite more than 400 of the nation’s most promising principals to join the National Principals & Supervisors Academy. The experience elevates their careers, helps them inspire their teachers, and forever improves the lives of the students they serve.

The Experience

World-class leadership faculty

Diverse, high-performing cohort

Summer intensive

Four weekend sessions

Priority Given to Leadership Teams

  1. Reason Title

    Create Joyful Culture

    Reason Description

    The best schools are brimming with positive energy. Their students aren’t only learning a lot and performing well on tests — they’re also having fun. As a Fellow, you’ll learn how to develop a school-wide culture that actively encourages and supports student growth.
  2. Reason Title

    Drive Learning with Data

    Reason Description

    It’s difficult to change what you don’t measure. As a Fellow, you’ll collect and analyze instructional data that shed light on your team’s success and areas for improvement. By knowing what to measure, and how to make sense of it, you’ll be ready to lead the way for your teachers and leadership teams.
  3. Reason Title

    Deliver A+ Feedback

    Reason Description

    As a Fellow, you’ll learn how to observe and coach your teachers to greatness. Our faculty will help you focus on the aspects of instructional leadership that will make the biggest difference in your student outcomes. We’ll also help you prepare for challenging conversations with staff.
Principal Fellow Anthony Fowler

Relay’s principal training provides me with a network of motivated and talented leaders who I can lean on for support, collaboration, and creative ideas.

Anthony Fowler, Principal Fellow