Delaware M.A.T.

Dean Christine Eisenhauer works with teachers during a Relay Delaware workshop.

The M.A.T is a groundbreaking teacher-training program that offers a unique and powerful pathway for early career classroom teachers to improve their practice, get results with students, and stay in the classroom for years to come. 

A female teacher raises her hands over her head enthusiastically during a Relay Delaware workshop.

A Relay master’s degree signifies more than a theoretical understanding of education. Our M.A.T. program focuses on techniques that make the deepest impact in classrooms, with unmatched opportunities for practice. The Master of Arts in Teaching experience combines a rigorous, purposeful curriculum with instruction from some of the best educational faculty in the United States. It focuses on concrete skills that lead to dramatic improvements in classrooms, and it allows our students to practice those skills until they can execute them with total confidence for their students.

Throughout the program, M.A.T. candidates learn from graduate faculty who have helped their own P-12 students reach extraordinary success in schools. Their focus on practice, observation, and feedback gives our graduates the tools they need to make a measurable, positive impact on students’ academic performance and character development. New teachers eligible for state certification may receive a Delaware Initial License upon completion of year one of the M.A.T. program. 

Teachers work collaboratively during a Relay Delaware workshop.