Grit + Imagination: An Educator Summit

A male teacher and a female teacher raise their hands during a Teaching Character workshop.

Preparing students to succeed in college and life is about more than just academics. Building character is an essential component of every child's education.

Dean of Relay and Teaching Character faculty member Mayme Hostetter leads a session during a workshop.

The Relay Graduate School of Education, Character Lab, and the Imagination Institute are partnering to put on a three-day summer institute for K-12 educators called Grit + Imagination: An Educator Summit in Honor of Jack Templeton. Join educators from across the country to learn what character-focused teaching and learning can be, why it is important, and how to implement research-informed strategies with your K-12 students.

During this summit, educators will deepen their understanding of grit and imagination through presentations from world-renowned researchers. They will also have the opportunity to refine approaches for developing these competencies in their students. We are looking for strong educators currently working with K-12 students who are excited to learn about and practice strategies for teaching and developing students' character. Our aim is to help educators ignite character-based instruction in classrooms and beyond.


Jack TempletonDr. John (“Jack”) Templeton, Jr. was the Chairman and President of the Templeton Foundation. As an instrumental supporter of the field of positive psychology, Jack’s passion for the moral and personal development of young people was abundant. Jack, along with his father John Templeton, strongly believed that character and creativity were vital mental energies necessary to bring fulfillment in life. It is a great honor for Character Lab, the Imagination Institute, and the Relay Graduate School of Education to pay tribute to his legacy with this summit on two of his favorite character strengths: grit and imagination. 

A male teacher gestures while practicing a Teaching Character activity.