Relay Teaching Residency: Newark

The Relay Newark Dean provides feedback to a graduate student.

The Relay Teaching Residency is a groundbreaking teacher-preparation program that offers a unique and powerful pathway for aspiring teachers to begin a long-term career in the classroom.

Female graduate students work in class.

During the two-year program, teaching residents experience a structured and gradual on-ramp into the profession, complete a master’s degree and earn a full-time teaching position at a high-performing charter school in Newark, New Jersey. In their first year, teaching residents immerse themselves in their schools, working directly with students under the close supervision of a mentor teacher. Residents simultaneously enroll in Relay, where they take classes on core teaching techniques and content-specific instruction, then rehearse those techniques and receive expert feedback during weekly practice sessions with faculty and classmates. Successful first-year residents transition into lead teaching roles in the second year of the program, when they complete their master’s degrees at Relay.

Upon completion, teaching residents will have a portfolio of professional achievements, a toolkit of practical teaching strategies, and two years of full-time work experience in a supportive urban public school. Successful residents emerge from the program with a New Jersey state teaching certificate and Master of Arts in Teaching degree. Relay works closely with some of the strongest public schools and charter networks in the United States to place residents in dynamic and supportive public schools across the city of Newark.

Acknowledgement of Support

The Relay Teaching Residency is an AmeriCorps program. All Teaching Residents will have the opportunity to serve as AmeriCorps members and will complete the AmeriCorps application process. For more information on AmeriCorps at Relay, please email

A male graduate student smiles while looking at the whiteboard.