NPS District-Approved Programs

Newark Dean Jamey Verilli teaches a class of graduate students.

Newark Public Schools (NPS) has set a vision for the district to ensure that Newark students achieve at the highest levels and graduate college- and career-ready. To help NPS achieve this goal, Relay has created programs designed to help teachers become highly effective and drive student achievement.

A female graudate student listens in class.

Relay is excited to offer two programs specifically for Newark Public Schools Teachers. 

Relay Newark Program for Effective Teachers

The Relay Newark Program for Effective Teachers is a part-time, one-year graduate level program for all NPS teachers who are committed to continuous improvement and who want to take their skills to the next level. The program offers a thorough, Common Core-aligned, performance-based, rigorous training program in which teachers will master both core and content-specific pedagogy techniques. The program also prepares teachers for alignment with the Newark Framework for Effective Teaching.

Candidates who successfully complete the program will earn 18 graduate credits. They will also have the opportunity to apply for the Relay M.A.T. and to transfer their credits earned toward the degree, entering in the second year of the M.A.T. program.

Relay Newark Advanced Program in Special Education

The Relay Newark Advanced Program in Special Education is a part-time, one-year program for general educators and special educators who want to work intentionally to develop the skills and knowledge they need to not only teach exceptional learners effectively, but to also become ambassadors for effective special education.

Participants who complete the program will receive 100 professional development hours and will be eligible for a Standard Certificate with the Teacher of Students with Disabilities Endorsement from the NJDOE, if applicable. (Please note that this program is available to both teachers who are already certified to teach special education, and to those who are seeking certification.)

Additional Programs

In addition to the one-year Program for Effective Teachers, two established Relay Newark programs have also been approved by the Newark Public Schools district: 

An instructor speaks to students in class.