Relay Teaching Residency: Baton Rouge

A female student pays attention wile a female teacher gestures in the background.

The Relay Teaching Residency is a groundbreaking teacher-preparation program that offers a unique and powerful pathway for aspiring teachers to begin a long-term career in the classroom.

Two young male students work collaborate to read a text.

During the two-year program, residents experience a structured and gradual on-ramp into the profession, complete a master’s degree, and become qualified for a full-time teaching position at a high-performing public school in Louisiana.

In their first year, residents immerse themselves in their schools, working directly with students under the close supervision of a Resident Advisor. Residents simultaneously enroll in Relay, where they take classes on core teaching techniques and content-specific instruction, then rehearse those techniques and receive expert feedback during weekly practice sessions. Successful first-year residents transition into lead teaching roles in the second year of the program, when they complete a Master of Arts in Teaching degree at Relay.

Upon completion of the program, residents will have a portfolio of professional achievements, a toolkit of practical teaching strategies, and two years of full-time work experience in a supportive urban public school. Successful residents emerge from the program with a Louisiana teaching certificate and Master of Arts in Teaching degree.

Relay works closely with some of the strongest public schools, charter networks, and other educational organizations in the United States — including Celerity Schools, Democracy Prep, and Kenilworth Science and Technology School — to place residents in dynamic and supportive public schools in Baton Rouge. We’re particularly interested in applicants who graduated from Baton Rouge-area schools and want to return to teach.

Students give a male student encouragement while he gives a response.