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From Education Next: What Relay is doing largely breaks the mold. Its students are full-time elementary- and middle-school teachers, almost all of them fresh out of college, almost none of them with a traditional teaching degree. The program is heavy on practice and nuts-and-bolts technique. Read more. 

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Why Work at Relay GSE?

"Knowing that every day I'm helping to transform the way teachers are trained and impacting the lives of thousands of students is incredibly rewarding and exciting. As part of the Relay GSE team, I am able to work with talented and driven people to make a huge difference in the lives of children."
—Annie Hoffman, Director of Curriculum Design

We have a dedicated and growing team of talented, results-focused individuals who have come to Relay GSE with varied backgrounds and expertise. What they all share is a passion to improve the quality of education for low-income students. We are looking for talented individuals to join us in roles spanning a variety of functional areas, including but not limited to curriculum design, finance, operations, teaching, and technology.

The challenge we face in re-designing the way teacher training is done is not easy, but it is exciting. A career at Relay GSE will offer you an opportunity to do the following:

Join a Revolution.

Relay GSE is positioned to bring about revolutionary change in teacher preparation, becoming the place where a new generation of results-oriented individuals can develop into incredibly effective teachers who will serve students for years to come. Relay GSE has plans to expand to other cities and locations nationally.

Focus on innovation.

Through technology, an innovative approach to curriculum design, unique partnerships, and an approach that is self-reflective and ever-improving, we are finding new and better ways to prepare teachers to be effective.

Pursue teaching excellence.

To teach graduate students to be effective teachers, we have brought together a core group of individuals widely credited as being among America's best teachers. Each faculty member at Relay GSE has demonstrated the ability to lead K-12 students to significant performance improvements in the classroom.

If you are interested in joining our team, please see our current openings.