Teacher using a laptop
10 things to try during live virtual teaching
December 20, 2020

Physical campuses are closed, and students have moved online—here are tips from online educators to help adjust to live virtual teaching

Switching from teaching in-person to live virtual teaching presents both unique challenges and opportunities.

At Relay Graduate School of Education, we run an online campus alongside our in-person campuses and came up with 10 practical tips from our veteran online faculty to support those making the switch to the online environment for live virtual teaching.

Prepare links to your materials and share with your students in advance. This ensures students have what they need and can revisit resources later if needed. Also, this step can preempt any challenges that would otherwise come up during class.

Utilize a small group feature to get folks talking and engaging during class. As the facilitator, you can pop into different groups–just like walking around your classroom–to join in.