Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Relay

Students and teachers in a classroom

At Relay, we are committed to creating an inclusive and actively anti-racist institution.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

We are committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, and actively anti-racist institution. We know, and the data supports, that diversity, equity, and inclusion drive our organizational health. Cultivating an environment in which people of all backgrounds can thrive is critical to achieving our mission of educational excellence and equity.

We strive to build and grow a diverse student body and team and work to ensure that individuals at all levels of our institution experience equity and belonging. We think of “diversity” in all senses of the term, with a particular focus on groups that are primarily impacted by educational inequity in the communities we serve (including, but not limited to, communities self-identified by race, gender, language, class, age, and religion).

We respect individuals and value differences, and encourage the free and open expression of ideas, opinions, experiences, and beliefs.

We strive to be humble learners and continually reflect upon ways in which we can improve upon the diversity, equity, and inclusiveness of our institution. As individuals who believe that both theory and practice are essential to making an impact, we hold ourselves accountable to these commitments in part by executing the strategies outlined below: 

Staff Recruitment. We cultivate and recruit diverse candidates for our staff and faculty, ultimately seeking to mirror the representation in the communities we serve, specifically rooted in race and socioeconomic status.

Talent Development. We equalize the playing field for all staff and faculty, ultimately building equitable representations of racial diversity across all levels and within all teams.

Institutional Culture. We support our graduate students, staff, and faculty by ensuring that our programs and initiatives promote diversity, equity, and social justice, ultimately creating an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are sought and valued.

Graduate Student Recruitment. We seek to recruit talented teachers to the profession, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds, ultimately resulting in greater academic and character growth for our children.

Graduate Student Achievement. We commit to ensuring that all of our graduate students are supported to achieve to the highest levels, ultimately leading to significant performance in all their classrooms.