Leadership Programs Team

Relay Leadership Team

Meet the team of faculty and operations professionals who make Relay's Leadership Programs an exciting and fulfilling experience.


Jesse Rector
National Dean of Leadership Programs
Kari Feinberg
National Dean of Regional Leadership Programs
Dr. Ben Klompus
Dean of National Principal Supervisors Academy
Sultana Noormuhammad
Dean of the National Principal Academy Fellowship
Vernon-James Riley
Dean of Leadership Programs
Toni Barton
Dean of The Inclusive Schools Leadership Institute
Meredith Anderson
Dean of Regional Support
Jennifer Baugher
Associate Dean of Leadership Support Programs
Aja Settles
Dean of Texas Leadership Programs
Greg Dutton
Dean of California Leadership Programs
Jenny Tan
Associate Dean of Regional Support for the Bay Area
Kathleen Sullivan
Managing Director of the Leverage Leadership Institute
Jallon Brown-Croskey
Associate Dean of Regional Support
Joshua Smith
Associate Dean of Instructional Leadership Programs
Denise de la Rosa
Associate Dean of Regional Support
Megan Sands
Associate Dean of the Inclusive Schools Leadership Institute
Rebecca Utton
Associate Dean of Regional Support
Nicole Javier-Watson
Assistant Dean of Students
Steph Bates
Senior Director of Special Projects


Warren Chancellor
Managing Director of National Strategy and Operations, Leadership Programs
Justin Perry
Director of Events and Operations
Yvonne Simms
Senior Director of Partnerships
Riyad Mohammed
Manager of Events & Operations
Tyrell Collier
Manager of Events and Operations
Natalie Toews
Manager of Partnership Operations
Audrey Josephson-Day
Senior Coordinator of Operations