Relay Chicago Alumni Spotlight - Devin Evans

Devin Evans graduated from Relay Chicago in 2016 as a 10th grade English Language Arts Instructor and still holds this position today. Evans brings the Relay mission to his school by remaining a staple of his community and by using the strategies he learned while at Relay.

When asked about the impact Relay has made on his career, Evans said:

“Relay has taught me the intricate details and tools of distinguished teaching. Content such as making lessons sticky, data tracking and analysis, and even creating clear classroom expectations has shifted my pedagogy to the next level. In summation, Relay works!”

When asked about his impact on his school community, Evans reflects:

“I was recently accepted in Chicago Public Schools first Transformative Teaching Cohort and this year I was accepted into University of Pennsylvania's Project-Based Learning program where I have shifted my pedagogy to include student-led project-based learning into curriculum. I am also a charter member of the Black Male Educator Alliance of Illinois, supporting the recruitment, retention, and development of Black Male Educators. Lastly, I recently wrote a blog via the Hechinger Report discussing the importance of teacher diversity in our nation's schools.

We are sending appreciation to Devin Evans and Relay Chicago for their support and advocacy for Black male educators. Devin’s voice is helping to promote change and increase the rigor in the curriculum for students in his school. We at Relay know this is no small feat. Congrats Devin on your accomplishments and continue to push the envelope. We appreciate you!