Receive Aid

Once your federal aid requests or outside financing requests have been successfully processed, you may use your funds toward education-related expenses. Take a look below for some important information.

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Paying with Aid Disbursements

When we process federal aid requests for you, student requests will not come directly to students. Loans and grants issued to Relay will be applied toward any costs for the current term. If there is a credit balance left over after applying federal financial aid toward current term charges, the balance will be returned to the student as a credit refund. Credit refunds are released two weeks after the date of disbursement as either a direct deposit or a check, depending on the student's selected preferences.

Please note that the federal financial aid requested for the term will be released as two equal halves.

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Credit refunds are released to students two weeks following the date of disbursement, if applicable. Nelnet will email students before the two week period ends with the option to select direct deposit or a physical check.

Please note current term federal aid requests cannot be applied by Relay to cover past term balances. Students can use their credit refunds to pay prior term balances through the payment portal.

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Americorps Education Awards & Relay Residency Scholarships

AmeriCorps Education Awards are released at the end of the academic year following completion and confirmation of service.

Students who have AmeriCorps awards from previous service can use their award to assist in reducing or paying off their student balances. Here are instructions.

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Maintaining Eligibility

Students need to maintain eligibility to receive federal financial aid in order for Relay to continue processing requests. To remain federally eligible for financial aid, a student must maintain active attendance, remain matriculated and enrolled during the term, and remain in satisfactory academic progress.