Relay Costs

Relay students

Review a breakdown of potential costs as a Relay student over the course of the year.

Schools that participate in the federal student aid program are required to provide information on their cost of attendance. The total cost of attendance is consistent for all half-time enrolled students. Eligibility for aid varies based on the specific program that you are enrolled in. After tuition and financial aid are applied, the vast majority of our students will have an out-of-pocket tuition cost at Relay up to $11,000 for the full academic year. Please visit your campus location page for more detailed information regarding specific program tuition and financial aid. The 2021-2022 cost of attendance is listed below.


2021-2022 Academic Year

Summer 2021

Fall 2021

Spring 2022






Room & Board










Books & Tech





Certification Costs





Total Cost of Attendance





The cost of attendance limits the maximum a student can request in federal financial aid per term. This includes a combination of a student's institutional aid, outside grants and scholarships, and anticipated third-party payments. The total of all awards, including federal aid requested, cannot exceed the cost of attendance.

Federal financial aid requested in a given academic year cannot exceed $20,500 (Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans and Federal TEACH Grants). To help determine your maximum federal aid request eligibility, please use your award letter to complete this worksheet.