Types of Aid

Relay students

Financial aid comes in the form of institutional aid (aid that Relay provides students), external aid (grants, scholarships, or third-party payments on your behalf), and federal aid.

See below for more information on each type. If you have specific questions about available aid, contact us at support@relay.edu or feel free to check out our all-encompassing Support Center.

Relay Teaching Scholarship

The Relay Teaching Scholarship is awarded to all eligible students who teach PK-12 students.

Relay GSE Fellowship

The Relay Fellowship is awarded to eligible students who are not currently participating in AmeriCorps, nor have prior awards. The amount of the individual fellowship may vary.

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans are available to graduate students; there is no requirement to demonstrate financial need. However, you do need to meet certain requirements to be eligible to apply. The current annual limit is $20,500.

TEACH Grants

Federal TEACH Grants are available to students who meet basic requirements to be eligible to apply for federal aid. In addition to meeting this requirement, you must teach in a high-needs school or a high-needs field specific to the state you are working in. You can find eligible majors here.

AmeriCorps Education Awards

AmeriCorps is a civil society program supported by the federal government to address critical community needs in education, public safety, health and the environment. Relay Residents, Teach for America Corp members, and other external partner organizations may have the opportunity to apply for the AmeriCorps program. Those who successfully complete a service term earn an AmeriCorps Segal Award or similar education award for approximately $6,000.

AmeriCorps awards and similar education awards are considered as part of your financial aid package. Because this award is not available until the end of your year of service, we postpone or “defer” a portion of your tuition costs until the award is received. You may apply it to Relay at that time. If you have already exhausted your AmeriCorps awards (two per lifetime), please notify the Office of Student Financial Services immediately with a screenshot of your AmeriCorps award history/balance from your myAmeriCorps.gov portal.

Residency Scholarship

The Relay Teaching Residency program is an AmeriCorps program. However, for participants in the Relay Teaching Residency program who are not receiving AmeriCorps education awards due to limited AmeriCorps positions or documented ineligibility, the Relay Residency Scholarship may be available.

Similar to the AmeriCorps education award, the Relay Residency Scholarship is only awarded to students upon successful completion of the full academic year. Tuition in the amount of the Residency Scholarship is deferred until the end of the academic year. Relay defers tuition so that students are able to use their anticipated Residency Scholarship funds to cover a portion of their tuition charges when they receive the funds at the end of the academic year.