How We Create The Relay
“Teach Character” On Coursera now

What's New

Announcing a new plan to strengthen teacher preparation, the White House featured Relay GSE among U.S. education leaders "exploring new and innovative efforts to make teacher preparation more hands-on, relevant, and effective." Learn more.

Relay GSE announced that it will create a MOOC (massive open online course) with Coursera to offer professional development to teachers all over the world. Taught by Dave Levin, Co-Founder of both KIPP and Relay GSE, the institution is building a fully-online course entitled “Teaching Character and Creating Positive Classrooms.” Learn more.

Relay GSE is seeking a Senior Software Developer to join our Engineering team. This leader will play a key role in the creation and enhancement of our homegrown Web applications and you will have the chance to work with a codebase that spans the higher education landscape. This position will put you squarely in the middle of the revolution in educational technology and education reform more broadly.

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