How Will You Be Part of the Relay?

Through the Relay Teaching Residency, you'll learn and practice proven techniques, apprentice in a well-run classroom, earn a master’s degree, and set yourself up for a great career.
Three graduate students work together on a laptop, with support from a Relay faculty member.
Relay’s master’s programs go beyond education theory. You'll master the concrete techniques that have the greatest impact on your students’ lives and learning outcomes.
Dean Jesse Rector leads a class session.
Relay works with school partners across the country to identify the nation’s leading and most promising school and system leaders. With multiple leadership programs to offer, Relay will help you push your leadership skills to new heights.

Latest Updates

Relay thanks Congress for protecting AmeriCorps in FY17, underscores the need for federal funding

a cityscape of Dallas, TX

Relay will partner with schools in the Metroplex to launch a residency and a master’s program.

Relay will prepare a diverse cohort of new teachers for SDP schools.

The program prepares supervisors to become highly effective instructional leaders of principals.

Relay and AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps and Title II funds provide critical resources for our nation’s public schools.

Jabali Sawicki

Relay's Jabali Sawicki offers a call to action for all current and future teachers.

A Relay Summer Coding Institute participant works with a student during a pratice session at Relay.

Summer Coding Institute, offered free to NYC teachers, is not your typical learn-to-code bootcamp.