Relay Leadership

Relay leadership

Our leadership team turns Relay's ambitious vision for educator preparation into reality every day.

Meet Our People

Our people are the heart of our organization. Relay’s leadership team is a diverse group of individuals committed to Relay's mission of providing all PK-12 students with high-quality education and choice-filled lives, and to translating our bold vision for educator preparation into a powerful impact across the country.

Executive Leadership

Dr. Mayme Hostetter
Dr. Maya Weatherton
Provost, Teacher Prep
Kari Feinberg
Provost, Professional Education
Anne McCarley
Chief External Affairs Officer
Peter Kauffman
General Counsel
Akilah Rosado
Chief Equity Officer

Senior Leadership Team

Dr. Nichelle Bowes
Vice Provost, Student Affairs
Warren Chancellor
Managing Director, Strategy and Operations, Professional Education
Cherise Cota
Chief Transition Officer
Christine Eisenhauer
National Executive Director of Partnerships
Piper Evans
Managing Director, Finance
Dr. Rebecca Good
Vice Provost, Teacher Preparation
Rachel Innes
Managing Director, Development
Dr. Ben Klompus
Managing Director of Impact and Innovation, Professional Education
Dr. Sarah Marder-Eppstein
Managing Director of Professional Education, Teacher Programs
Kelly Morris
Chief Student Services Officer
Stephanie Nelson
Chief Information Officer
Jesse Rector
Vice Provost, Regional Leaderships Programs
Vernon-James Riley
Vice Provost, National Leadership Programs
Dr. Kaycee Salmacia
Vice Provost, Academic Compliance
Clifford Thomas
Managing Director, Public Partnerships
Kianti Brown Whitney
Managing Director, Marketing and Communications
Dr. Therese Zosel-Harper
Senior Dean of Collective Campuses

Our Board

  • Mayme Hostetter, President, Relay Graduate School of Education
  • Norman Atkins, Managing Director, Together Education; President Emeritus, Relay Graduate School of Education
  • Donnell Butler, Founder & President, Opportunity College
  • Aimée Eubanks Davis, Founder & CEO, Braven
  • Alex Hernandez, Dean, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, University of Virginia
  • Dave Levin, Co-founder, KIPP Foundation
  • Larry Robbins, Founder & CEO, Glenview Capital Management
  • David Saltzman, Senior Vice President, Sightway Capital
  • Shayne Spalten, Director, Education, Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
  • David Steiner, Executive Director, Johns Hopkins University Institute for Education Policy
  • Dacia Toll, Co-CEO & President, Achievement First