Relay Advantage

Our vision is to build a more just world where every student has access to outstanding educators and a clear path to a fulfilling life. Learn more about practice-based, equity-centered, and supportive approach.

Teacher helping students with their work in a classroom.

At Relay, we believe that becoming a great teacher or leader is much like becoming a great musician or doctor. It takes continuous practice, feedback, and dedication.

Teacher helping elementary students with their work.

Learn. Practice. Grow.

We give graduate students unparalleled opportunities not only to learn the techniques that will make them more effective, but also multiple opportunities to practice them with faculty and peers. The feedback they receive helps them refine their practice until they’re ready to perform with confidence in the classroom. Our students then emerge with the skills needed to embark on a career as a transformational educator and prepared to impact thousands of children.

Teacher sitting in front of elementary students in a classroom.

Curriculum That Integrates Theory and Application

Our approach to preparing teachers and leaders is unique to most institutions of higher education. It begins with a curriculum rooted in pedagogical theory and grounded in evidence of what works best in schools. Our programs emphasize the specific teaching and instructional leadership skills and mindsets that have the greatest impact on student learning and character development.

A Focus on Academic Growth and Social-Emotional Wellness

Academics are important, but they represent only one dimension of a child’s development. For that reason, we encourage teachers and leaders to adopt a strong focus on social and emotional skills that will help their students grow up to be happy, responsible citizens who show love, integrity, and respect for others. Our programs are designed to help graduate students support and reflect upon both academic and social-emotional measures of student growth.

A Brain trust of Outstanding Educators

To develop and lead our programs, we've turned to the teachers and school leaders who've enabled thousands of students to achieve exceptional academic and character growth. These passionate educators are driven by a desire to transform the lives of children. They share a deep commitment to bringing out the best in their fellow teachers and leaders. They are always working closely with  PK-12 schools, and they’re our faculty members at Relay.

World-Class Faculty

Our faculty members are 100% focused on our students’ success. They observe, coach, and mentor our graduate students. They visit them in schools, where they watch them teach children and lead teachers. And when they're not right there in the classroom, they're side-by-side with graduate students, watching and analyzing videos of them practicing the world's greatest profession.

Teacher in front of a classroom, gesturing.

An Institution Committed to Continuous Improvement

Just as we expect Relay graduate students to continuously refine their practice, we also commit to evolving our curriculum and instruction. We keep a constant pulse on developing trends in education to ensure that our programs effectively prepare educators for the current realities of schools. We analyze our student and PK-12 student outcomes, and we collect feedback from program participants and employers. We then use these data to enhance the quality of instruction and maximize Relay’s opportunity for impact.