Professional Education

Practice-based, equity-centered professional learning that helps teachers and leaders meet the challenges they face today.

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Ongoing Support for Teachers and Leaders

The Professional Education team works with teachers and leaders to continuously improve their craft throughout their careers. Through virtual workshops, fellowship programs, and targeted coaching and support, we help educators strengthen student academic success, equity, and wellness.

Our offerings are practice-based and equity-centered, led by experienced practitioners and designed to build community among a diverse set of peers.

Working Together

Relay Professional Education partners with schools, systems (independent, district, and charter), peer organizations, and states to help bring their vision for their learning community to life. Our goal is to see measurable improvements in participants’ effectiveness, satisfaction, and tenure in their schools, and a positive impact on all students’ academic growth and school experience.

The Relay Experience

We offer workshops, year-long fellowship programs, summer development, and targeted coaching and support, all with an approach that is:

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Actionable and practice-based: Educators learn and practice skills they can apply tomorrow.

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Evidence-based and data-informed: We share strategies drawn from our faculty’s deep experience, and focus on how to use data to continuously improve.

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Culturally responsive and equity-centered: We treat equity not as a separate unit, but as a fundamental component of all leadership practice.

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Supportive and community-oriented: Our faculty intentionally create inclusive and affirming adult learning spaces, where participants are encouraged to create community and bring their full selves.



have participated in Leadership Programs since its inception in 2011



have participated in over 700 Teacher Professional Education workshops since they began in 2019



participants report that the training helped them to be more effective in their roles.

“This was the best facilitated online session I have attended. What a great model for our teachers and for myself as a leader. I am blown away by how engaging, organized, and meaningful this session was.”

—Heather Lee-Joy, Assistant Principal, KIPP Austin Brave

“I loved how intentional everything was. The questions and break-out groups felt super appropriate and really helped my understanding of the material.”

—Liz Potosky, Teacher, Columbus Collegiate Academy

“Participating in Relay's Leadership Programs turned pedagogy into meaningful outcomes for our kids, which, in my opinion, ranks it among the best professional development opportunities for educators across the globe.”

—Eddie Rangel, Executive Director of Adelante Schools

“Relay is the only professional learning in my twenty years of service in education that has made an impact on my practice, and as a result I am a better leader and coach. I can see how my work impacts my colleagues, school leaders, and students in the schools I serve.”

—Renae Schreiner, Director of Turnaround Support Team, Jefferson County School District No. R-1

Our Partners

Relay is honored to partner with school districts, charter management organizations, and state agencies from around the country. Here is just a sample of our many partners.

Meet the Team

The Relay Professional Education Team is a diverse and dynamic group of individuals with a wealth of experience and a shared goal: to make our Professional Education offerings as effective, exciting, and impactful as possible.

Explore Teacher Professional Education

We partner with school and system-level leaders to identify their instructional priorities and select the right professional learning experiences to support their teachers.

Explore Leadership Programs

We provide in-depth learning experiences for leaders of all levels to hone their craft with a network of peers.