Tuition & Financial Aid

We believe that finances should not be a barrier to becoming a teacher or to accessing high quality professional development.

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Relay is committed to offering our programs at a price point that is reasonable and sustainable for educators as well as our partner schools and school systems.  As such, we work closely with federal, state, and philanthropic sources to provide as much financial aid as possible, tailored to each student’s needs and goals. 

Tuition for Relay Graduate and Certification Programs

For all students entering Relay in 2023-24, tuition is calculated by credit. Each credit costs $850. Check out our state-by-state pages to see the number of credits for your particular program. Total tuition costs for each program are:

Master of Arts in Teaching programs

  • 2 year program
  • 32 credits (Most MAT programs):  $27,200
  • 38 credits (MAT in Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Learners):  $32,300
  • 39 credits (MAT in Special Education): $33,150

Alternative Certification Programs 

  • 3-4 terms (about 1 year)
  • Credit hours vary from 18 to 24, depending location and program type. Here is the total tuition cost for each credit amount:
  • ~ 18 credits: $15,300
  • ~ 19 credits: $16,150
  • ~ 20 credits: $17,000
  • ~ 21 credits: $17,850
  • ~ 22 credits: $18,700
  • ~ 23 credits: $19,550
  • ~ 24 credits: $20,400
  • See the page for your state to learn the credit hours.

Advanced Certificate in Special Education

  • 1 year program
  • 21 credits: $17,850

Other fees

Students will also need to consider the cost of certification or state-specific fees. These will vary by region and will be communicated along with students’ specific tuition and financial aid package.

How is tuition paid?

Tuition is payable at the beginning of each term. Students are welcome to pay tuition via Relay's payment plans and/or federal financial aid and other types of aid.

Relay Professional Education Costs

Relay is committed to offering high-impact, just-in-time continuing professional development for teachers and leaders. We work closely with our school and district partners to make such opportunities reasonable and sustainable for your budgets.

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Financial Aid and Tuition Support for 
Relay Graduate and Certification Programs

Relay works closely with our students, school and district partners, federal programs, and local philanthropies to ensure that there are resources available to develop the next generation of great teachers. In most cases, there will be resources available to bring down the out-of-pocket cost to our programs, sometimes significantly. Each student’s financial aid picture will look different.

Students will receive support in applying for aid and using it for educational costs in an effective way. Relay Student Financial Services contacts all students within 14 days of accepting their admission offer with information about paying for Relay (including their financial aid package, if applicable.)

Step 1

Complete the FAFSA

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) uses information about your financial situation to to determine eligibility for federal aid, including need-based aid. You can apply for the FAFSA here. Relay’s school code is 042086.

Step 2

Enroll in AmeriCorps

The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award can grant up to $6,895 for academic year 2023-24 and $7,395 for academic year 2024-25 toward educational expenses upon completion of a full service term, if you are eligible. 

Step 3

Partner Contributions

Partners may provide funding to Relay for students utilizing School-Based Scholarship Funds or individual student payments.

Step 4

Relay Need-Based Aid

Relay's financial aid will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Need-based aid is open to all eligible Year 1 students and prioritized for students not receiving other scholarships or external financial support.

Step 5

VA Benefits and External Aid

You may be eligible to use VA benefits or to apply for some of the external scholarships listed here. Please note that if you are awarded an external scholarship it may impact your need-based aid, your cost of attendance, and your federal financial aid eligibility.

Applicable for students in:
  • Masters of Arts in Teaching programs
  • Advanced Certificate in Special Education program


In order to receive federal financial aid or need-based financial aid, prospective students MUST fill out the FAFSA during the admissions process. Student Financial Services (SFS) reviews FAFSA applications on a rolling basis. Relay’s school code is 042086.

Masters of Arts in Teaching students may be eligible for Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans and  TEACH grants. Advanced Certificate in Special Education students may be eligible for Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans only. Learn more here:

You must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen in order to apply for federal financial aid. For ineligible non-citizens and international students, please use Relay’s alternative form for applying for need-based aid.

Applicable for students in:
  • Masters of Arts in Teaching programs
  • Alternative Certification programs 


The federal government’s AmeriCorps program provides grants to address critical community needs in education, public safety, health, veterans affairs, senior citizen care, the environment, and more. Relay Graduate School of Education is a proud grantee of AmeriCorps. We receive federal funding to operate our programs, and we're able to provide a high-quality education at an affordable cost to students as a result.

At Relay

Students can earn the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to offset out-of-pocket Relay tuition expenses if they so choose. Members are also eligible for other benefits such as loan forbearance and interest accrual payments.

Participants in AmeriCorps had the opportunity to earn education awards up to $6,895 during academic year 2023-24 and could earn up to $7,395 in education awards during academic year 2024-25. Awards are earned upon successful completion of a year of service, and may be used for any eligible educational expenses or toward their education loans. 


  • Relay is considered a Professional Corps program, which means members:
  • ~ must be full-time employees of their schools;
  • ~ receive a full-time salary and benefits from their school; and
  • ~ earn service hours through their work as a teacher, serving high-needs communities.
  • All Relay students who are invited to participate in the AmeriCorps Enrollment process are required to submit an application (This link requires access to the Relay portal) Students will receive clear application instructions upon invitation to participate (June-August for most Relay locations).
  • The first step is to complete the virtual AmeriCorps Enrollment Training, which walks you through our 6-step enrollment process and provides a glimpse of the member experience. Check out the Relay AmeriCorps Enrollment Flowchart for a sneak-peak of the process.
  • ~ Teach For America corps members should contact their local point of contact for AmeriCorps enrollment details.
  • Relay's AmeriCorps team will guide you through the remaining application steps throughout the summer. Join AmeriCorps office hours (July-September) for personalized support if you have questions along the way! Click here for details.

Relay is your educator and your partner school is your employer. Students in specific programs may receive tuition support or reimbursement from their school partner.  We recommend that you reach out to your school/district’s human resources department to inquire about any tuition support or reimbursement.

Applicable to students in:
  • Masters of Arts in Teaching programs
  • Alternative Certification programs
  • Advanced Certificate in Special Education program


Institutional aid at Relay may include scholarships awarded based on need and can vary in amounts and availability by academic year. These annual awards are released in three even disbursements, at the start of the summer, fall, and spring terms. Students must be enrolled at least half-time to receive need-based aid. Students awarded an external scholarship, education award, school-based sponsorship, or other tuition payment support will be deprioritized for those with the most need.

Applicable to students in:
  • Masters of Arts in Teaching programs
  • Advanced Certificate in Special Education programs

Relay accepts Veterans Affairs benefits only for programs in certain locations. See the full list here. ​​​​​​​We are currently in the process of applying for VA benefits approval in other states. Please reach out to the Registrar’s office if you have any questions about VA benefits.

There are a number of other external aid options available to Relay students as well. Information on scholarships and alternative financial aid options can be found here.