Graduate & Certification Programs

Evidence-based, in-depth programs that help aspiring and current educators gain credentials and develop their skills so all students thrive.

Teacher helping students with their work.

Programs for Teachers

Relay Graduate School of Education’s graduate and certification programs are designed to teach knowledge, skills, and mindsets, build educators’ sense of self efficacy and belonging, and ensure participants feel prepared to stay in teaching for the long term. With options for aspiring and current teachers, largely online programming, and a variety of ways to tailor their course of study, Relay's programs are the right fit for any teacher.

Master of Arts in Teaching

Relay’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program gives teachers the opportunity to earn their graduate degree and the credentials they need to launch or advance their careers. Aspiring teachers can enroll in a residency program that includes an apprentice year and opportunities to earn a teaching certification and an optional special education certification, while current teachers can opt to earn their master’s degree with or without special education certification. We offer options that meet all teachers' needs.

Certification and Advanced Certificate Programs

Earn your teaching certification while learning from experienced professors and building a network of like-minded educators.

Teacher in front of classroom.

Earn a graduate-level Advanced Certificate and prepare for state-level special education certification with the goal of serving all learners.