Leadership Programs

Communities of leaders working together to hone their vision and skills in instruction, culture, and strategy, to benefit all students.

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Lead. Inspire. Empower.

School and system leaders face challenges - and opportunities - like never before. Relay Leadership Programs are designed to provide a space for leaders to learn together, inspire and empower each other, and return to their schools with the skills and clear vision on how to better serve students, teachers, and school communities.

Instructional Leadership Academies

In-depth leadership development programs that enable school and system-level leaders from across the country to become exceptional instructional leaders and transform their schools, districts, or networks. We strongly encourage districts to send teams of leaders to the programs that are right for them - this aligned approach creates the greatest impact.

Programs feature:

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An experienced facilitator: All are highly-effective current or former school or system leaders.

Immediately actionable content: Our fellowship programs, targeted coaching, and job-embedded support provide educators with actionable development that can be implemented in their schools almost immediately.

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A practice-based approach:  At “intersession” gatherings, we provide ample time for small group discussion, practice, and synthesis of material.

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An equity-centered intention: We treat equity not as a separate unit, but as a fundamental component of all leadership practice.

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A diverse and supportive community: Facilitators create a warm and productive adult learning environment for leaders who are attending with their teams and encourage collaboration in colleagues from different regions or contexts.

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Our Leaders' Impact

Follow the Leaders Article Series

Insights and inspiration from leaders in the field who are prioritizing student achievement, equity, and wellness.

Charting a Path to Equitable Education for Students with Disabilities report cover page

Focus on Exceptional Learners

The Inclusive Schools Leadership Institute is highlighted by the Center for Learner Equity as one of three leadership development programs helping leaders live out their commitment to inclusive schools.

Making the Exception the Norm Case Study Cover page

Making the Exception the Norm

Relay leaders affirm they are better equipped to lead schools effectively and report increased feelings of self-efficacy.

Meet the Team

The Relay Professional Education Team is a diverse and dynamic group of individuals with a wealth of experience and a shared goal: to make our Professional Education offerings as effective, exciting, and impactful as possible.

Partnering with Relay

Learn more about how to partner, including important dates and how we can support you.

Have Questions?

We would love to discuss your team's needs, discuss which programs wouldbe a good fit, or answer specific questions. Don't hesitate to reach out!