Relay AmeriCorps Member Spotlight: Roxie Nance

What inspires you to serve your community through teaching?

I grew up during a time where people always said “it takes a village to raise a child”, and I believe that. My grandmother always told me that if I’m not part of the solution, then I’m part of the problem. I see so many children hurting in my community and I know I can’t save them all, but if I can just save one, then I have to try. Too often I see many people go to school, become educated, and leave their communities. I always said I don’t want to be them, I want to serve my community in whatever way I can using the talents that I have been gifted with.

What does service mean to you?

The definition of service is the act of doing something for another person. So service to me could mean doing for those who can’t do for themselves; or just being kind to others when I can and not expecting anything in return. Serving others is not only for the their benefit, but it also benefits me because I have the right heart when I serve.

What do you love about teaching in your community?

I love teaching in my community because I can relate to many of my students struggles because I have experienced many of them in my childhood. It can be hard growing up in my respective community, so being able to create a safe classroom environment for my students can have a large impact.