Top Tips for Teaching Students Online

April 18, 2022
Online Learning
Relay Faculty

What makes for a great online learning experience? While the COVID-19 pandemic dropped teachers in the deep end of online (or virtual, or distance) learning in March 2020, educators have been steadily honing their skills ever since.

This round up of teaching strategies forms the basis of all effective online teaching, and informs how we teach Relay students in their graduate, certification, and leadership programs. These timeless tips are important to come back to again and again, as we become ever more adept at creating communities, sharing high-level content, and taking care of ourselves as educators, while online.

Relay Faculty

The Relay faculty are experienced PreK-12 educators who teach our graduate and certification students. With a deep knowledge base across grade levels and subjects, they are passionate about supporting educators at every stage of their careers - from pre-service to novice to experienced.