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Our mission is to teach teachers and school leaders to develop in all students the academic skills and strength of character needed to succeed in college and life.

Our approach


Our approach to training teachers and principals is unique and begins with a curriculum rooted in pedagogical theory and evidence of what works best in our schools. Our programs emphasize practices that have the most significant impact on student learning and development.

Our innovation


Relay was founded by a group of innovative practitioners who had a bold vision for a new kind of teacher preparation, grounded in their classroom experiences. Through purposeful collaborations with local public schools and leaders in the field, we achieve innovation at scale and inform new models of excellence in educator preparation.



At Relay, we are on a mission to provide all PK-12 students with high-quality education and choice-filled lives. To achieve this mission, we focus on preparing and supporting outstanding teachers and school leaders. We set ambitious goals for our work and continually assess our progress in supporting our graduate students and their PK-12 students.

Relay employees


Whether your goal is to teach teachers, create innovative learning experiences, or build strong financial systems, you'll find that the pace at Relay is fast and the work is full of new and challenging problems to solve. We seek team members who are passionate about improving outcomes for all children and who want to be part of an institution that is rethinking how educators are prepared.

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Relay is an accredited not-for-profit institution of higher education serving 4,000 teachers and 1,200 school leaders across the U.S. We offer degree programs, professional development, and unique learning experiences for teachers, principals, college students, and members of the public. 

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Relay is proud to collaborate with many outstanding peer institutions of higher education, educational nonprofits, public school districts, and public charter networks across the United States. Our partners set a high bar for excellence and inform our approach to developing teachers and school leaders.

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Our people are the heart of our organization. Relay’s leadership team is a diverse group of individuals who are committed to Relay's mission to provide all children with high-quality education and choice-filled lives. They shape the vision for our innovative model of educator preparation, and they live and work across the U.S.

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CTC IIA Documents and Third-Party Notification

Relay Graduate School of Education is seeking initial institutional approval by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. This approval would allow Relay Graduate School of Education to sponsor educator preparation programs in California. Interested parties are invited to submit comments that may help to inform the Commission of substantive issues regarding this institution. Comments should be submitted to the Commission at input@ctc.ca.gov. Please note that comments should specify the party's relationship to the institution (i.e., graduate, present or former faculty member, employer of graduates, other -please specify). All identifying information will remain confidential.

Application for Initial Institutional Approval

Stage II: Eligibility Requirements