Case Study

Creating an Infinite Pipeline of Teachers: Colonial School District in Delaware and Relay

November 10, 2022
Teacher Recruitment and Retention
Relay Graduate School of Education

Like many school systems around the country, Colonial School District (CSD) has been facing a teacher shortage for several years- particularly STEM teachers and teachers of color. Located just outside Wilmington, Delaware, the district serves about 9,800 students and employs about 680 teachers. CSD leaders wanted all new teachers to feel passionate about working in their community, supported by their school leaders, and assured that their job was financially sustainable. How could they create a program to meet those goals?

This three page case study explores how CSD was able to recruit, support, and retain paraprofessionals and career changers through their partnership with Relay Graduate School of Education. With quotes from district administrators, a school principal, and teachers, it explores what makes such a program work, from financial choices to the classroom.

Relay Graduate School of Education

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