Focus Areas

The Teacher Professional Education catalog is organized into five focus areas based on Relay’s Elements of Effective Teaching, which are informed by national and subject-specific teaching standards and reflect a wide range of evidenced-based practices on the science of learning and development, adult learning, and teacher education.

Understanding Learners and Learner Differences

Create classrooms that are responsive to the cognitive, social-emotional, physical and linguistic development stages and ranges of students and support all students to become autonomous learners, who are able to drive their own content and skill mastery in pursuit of reaching personal and grade-level academic goals.

Fostering Classroom Culture and Community

Create emotionally safe and supportive classrooms through building relationships with students and families and establishing classroom routines that foster students' sense of belonging and responsibility to each other and to the learning environment.

Planning for Instruction

Design, modify, and internalize instructional units and lesson plans so that they make the central concepts of the grade-level content accessible and meaningful to all students

Implementing Instructional Methods

Use various strategies to increase rigor, maximize engagement, check for understanding, and ensure accessibility for all students.

Using Data to Inform Instruction

Systematically organize and analyze academic and non-academic data from multiple sources to make short-term and long-term decisions on how to improve instructional practice.

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