Curriculum Support

School systems know the value of providing students with engaging, high-quality instructional materials (HQIM). HQIM is associated with higher student achievement, less stress for teachers, and reducing inequities for students of color and other historically marginalized students.

Did You Know?
One study showed using a top-ranked program in elementary math can lead to student achievement gains of 3.6 percentile points.

But HQIM can only work if teachers deeply understand and are empowered to apply the curriculum in their unique classrooms.

Teachers and leaders need support with internalizing and implementing HQIM, leveraging data to adjust instruction, and continuously improving their skills.

Curriculum Support

We are launching our curricula support program with a focus on a small set of highly-regarded, in-demand curricula. Check back with us as we add more!

A Partnership To Achieve Your Vision

At Relay Graduate School of Education, we have a proven track record of supporting teachers and leaders. Our expertise lies in:

  • Making complex teaching skills actionable
  • Providing multiple opportunities for teachers to practice new skills
  • Creating collaborative professional communities

We work closely with our partners to meet their needs - we’re on a journey together to put the best lessons possible in front of kids.

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We offer various levels of support to meet each school system’s needs through hybrid offerings (in-person and virtual).  All packages include a diagnostic assessment and reflection reports.  Packages vary by the number of in-person walkthroughs and skill building hours available for activities such as planning and leading professional learning communities, leading curriculum unboxing sessions, leading lesson internalization meetings, and action planning with school leaders and coaches. From the beginning, we work closely with you to determine your needs.

Customized Support

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Our team is happy to talk with you about your needs and find the right professional learning opportunities for your schools and community.

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