New Teacher Orientation

Who is this experience for?

This is a summer training for educators who are new to teaching or new to their school/district. We've found that both teachers with 10+ years of experience and teachers who are new to the profession loved the training as a way to prepare them  for the first six weeks of school.


The first few weeks of school are critical in establishing a solid foundation for the rest of the year. To start off strong, it's important to proactively foster a positive classroom culture and community. This workshop series empowers educators with the mindsets and skills to understand that behavior is a form of communication and that relationships, clarity and predictability foster an emotionally safe and supportive environment. With a strong classroom culture in place, teachers can then build upon this foundation to ensure a school year defined by a sense of belonging, academic rigor, and overall student success.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to…

Facilitate affirming one to one conversations with students and families.

Positively and proactively set and reinforce expectations.

Interpret student behavior as a form of communication and respond to behavior in ways that promotes a positive classroom environment.

Implement classroom routines to create predictability and cultivate student independence in the classroom.

Spotlight on: KIPP Texas

KIPP Texas welcomes almost 500 new-to-KIPP teachers each year, including many first year teachers. They know how much the onboarding experience contributes to teachers’ ability to thrive and produce student outcomes that meet school targets. They chose to partner with Relay to run their new-to-KIPP orientation - a two day in-person training to prepare the 500 teachers for the first six weeks of school and beyond.

What Leaders Are Saying

"This is our strongest cohort of 1st year teachers. After attending the Relay training, they almost immediately had the foundational skills down, like giving clear directions, checking for understanding, and teacher presence."

— Alejandra Cantu, School Leader

"Relay has consistently delivered high-quality adult learning that simultaneously holds our educators full-selves, anchors on a rigorous and belonging student experience, and results in tangibly better-empowered teachers."

— Caitlin Butler, Deputy Chief of Talent
What Teachers Are Saying
  • 94% were satisfied or very satisfied with Relay Teacher Professional Education.
  • 90% agreed or strongly agreed that "What I learned in today's session will help me be more my effective in current role"
  • "This was the best professional  development I've had in my several years of teaching! I feel grounded, confident,  and prepared to begin the school year."
  • "I love how interactive it was. Everyone had a safe space to share their voice.”
  • "Overall this was a great training. I learned a lot and gained a lot of confidence"


In person: 2 days

Priority Booking Deadline: May 15, 2024

All New Teacher Orientations are run in the summer. Schools/Districts must book by the date above to schedule for summer 2024.

Virtual: 6 two-hour sessions

Priority Booking Deadline: 6 weeks in advance

All New Teacher Orientations are run in the summer. Schools/Districts must book 6 weeks in advance of your desired New Teacher Orientation start date.

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