Relay’s Evolving Model

All teachers deserve training and support that centers their humanity and helps them to center the humanity of their students. Here’s how we’re doing that.

Centering Humanity. Strengthening the Relay.

As teaching and learning changes, we as teachers of educators must evolve our approach to match the times. Over the past four years, Relay has been refining and deepening our model in response to student and faculty feedback. We have some exciting changes rolling out:

Relay Curriculum Advising

In order to learn, PK-12 students need to feel valued and welcomed in their classroom community. They also need access to rigorous content that prioritizes deep conceptual understanding. Our curriculum prepares teachers for this reality through:

  • Culturally responsive teaching as a foundation
  • Content-rich curriculum
  • Flexible programming
Relay Student advising

Relay students are teachers, graduate students, and complex human beings. They told us the best part of the Relay advising experience was the caring, responsive relationships they built with their advisors, that recognized all of those roles.

We have now specialized our roles so that faculty can focus on teaching and advisors on advising—forming a "relay" team of support around each student. Advisors receive specialized training in holistic, culturally responsive advising.

One Relay

Practice-based, Equity-centered.

In SY 2022-23 we are rolling out our evolving model in four of the 13 states where we have locations: Connecticut, Illinois, Tennessee and Texas. The rest of our states will continue to use the Relay model that we’ve implemented successfully for the last 10+ years. We look forward to building off the foundation of what we know works well, and learning from all our locations over the next year.

School & System Leaders

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Current & Aspiring Teachers

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