Online Teaching and Learning: Strategies for Synchronous Instruction

Teaching Online

Explore online teaching and learning workshops from Relay's Professional Education team.

Teaching and Learning Online

Relay Professional Education has created a set of two-hour interactive trainings designed to provide teachers and school leaders with the tools and resources needed to lead effective and engaging online learning experiences. Using Zoom, Nearpod, and Google Suite, we model virtual best practices, share helpful tips, and provide opportunities to practice and discuss online teaching solutions.

In this series, educators will learn how to:

  • Build community online
  • Translate best teaching and facilitation practices to the online environment
  • Deliver synchronous online instruction to ensure active learning and engagement
  • Use Zoom, Google Suites, and Nearpod technologies together to bring learning to life online


Our workshops are:

  • Applicable to a variety of educators, teachers, school-leaders and university faculty
  • Content agnostic; useful for a generalist audience preparing to teach synchronous coursework online
  • Facilitated virtually by Relay GSE faculty with expertise supporting highly-interactive, online learning experiences for adults
  • Designed to function best sequentially and as full PD suite, but can also work well as stand-alone PD sessions
  • Intended for groups of up to 50 participants serving students in grades 3+

Current Workshops

Introduction to Best Practices in Online Facilitation

Introduction to Best Practices in Online Facilitation is a workshop on tips, tools and resources needed to lead effective and engaging instruction online.  We focus specifically on community building, strong engagement practices and the basics of virtual design in this foundational session. This workshop is great for school leaders, teacher-leaders, and anyone who wants to get a sense of what strong synchronous teaching practices look like and pick up some key tips on implementation.

Strategies to Spark Engagement Online

Strategies to Spark Engagement Online is designed to support teachers and school leaders in creating highly engaging learning environments for students or adults. This workshop focuses on strategies to ensure students are constantly thinking and participating in online learning. Participants will have the opportunity to apply and practice engagement techniques so please come prepared with a lesson to practice during the workshop.

“Onlineified” Instructional Methods

“Onlineified” Instructional Methods supports teachers and school leaders in translating in-person facilitation methods and design to the online environment.  This workshop focuses on keys to virtual design thinking for planning lessons or professional development. We set participants up to engage in design challenges to build stronger muscles for synchronous online planning. Participants will have the opportunity to apply and practice online design principles using an upcoming lesson or PD plan.

Coaching and Developing Teachers in Online Instruction

Coaching and Developing Teachers in Online Instruction is a workshop focused on supporting school leaders or teacher leaders in setting up and facilitating live practice. In this workshop, instructional leaders will participate in a virtual demonstration of online coaching best practices and have the opportunity to apply and practice virtual strategies to enhance the quality of their coaching.

Scheduling and Pricing

Scheduling and Pricing for Individuals: 

  • We occasionally offer open enrollment workshops that are open to the public! To register for an upcoming workshop, please visit our registration page.
  • Each workshop costs $75 per participant


For Schools/Districts

  • Please use this form to schedule or express interest in workshops
  • Place scheduling requests 4 weeks in advance
  • Each workshop costs $3,300 per 50 participants
  • We offer multi-workshop package discounts as detailed below


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    This was such an amazing and informative PD! It has eased my anxiety with distance learning. Our kids deserve high-level and engaging instruction so thank you!

    - Damaris King, 10th Grade Math Teacher, Mastery Charter Schools

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