National Principal Supervisor Academy

National Principal Supervisors Academy

The National Principal Supervisor Academy (NPSA) gives system-level leaders the opportunity to learn best practices from leaders across the country.

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Schedule & Cost

Program Overview

The NPSA program allows system-level leaders the unique opportunity to learn from expert principal supervisors, see excellence in action, and receive ongoing, targeted feedback on their own work as they lead system improvement. The cohort will be a select group of system-level leaders from across the country who will work with each other and their leadership teams to problem solve the challenges they face as they aim to strengthen instructional leadership across a network of schools.

In highly effective school systems, principal supervisors play an essential role in improving instructional leadership across a network of schools.  These findings echo external research that recommends that today’s principal supervisors need professional development that: 

  • builds skills to effectively coach principals to be more effective instructional leaders
  • builds deep knowledge of the instructional shifts and evidence of teaching and learning required by new standards
  • is aligned to and is as robust as the professional development that their principals receive


Program Experience

Principal Supervisors who are selected for the fellowship will enjoy:

  • All benefits of NPAF participants 
  • Principal Supervisor sessions with expert faculty to do deep dives into observation and feedback, data driven instruction, and leading school culture across a network of schools
  • The opportunity to practice and receive feedback via regular video assessment
  • A network of high performing principal supervisors to help problem solve implementation challenges 

Ideal Candidate

Principal supervisors and other system-level instructional leaders (e.g., Instructional Superintendents, Chief Academic Officers, Head of Leadership Development, etc.) are best suited for NPSA. We seek principal supervisors who embody the same key mindsets we see in effective school-level leaders: belief and personal responsibility, continually improving effectiveness, work ethic and relentless drive. 

National Principal Supervisors Academy

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Program Schedule

Program Length: 15 months

NPSA (principal supervisor) Fellows will be expected to attend a pre-summer intensive training in April. Their work continues with a 6-day summer intensive and continues during four 2-3 day intersessions through the year. NOTE: "Days" is proxy for 8 hours. In the virtual context, this can take place over multiple days.

April Intensive for supervisors will occur the week of April 19-23 and will include approximately 2 days (approximately 16 hours) of content.

Relay’s Leadership Programs currently plan to remain virtual through the end of 2021, and we currently have plans to offer both in-person and virtual programming beginning 2022.

Program Dates

April Planning Intensive

The 2021 NPSA Planning Intensive will take place with 5 sessions over two weeks.  Programming dates are: April 20-21 and 27-29.  We will get a jump start on data-informed decision making and begin to build plans ahead of the summer.

Summer Intensive

For 2021 NPSA Summer Intensive participants will be able to select from three tracks. Each track will include 10 days of up to 4 hours of live virtual programming per day. The time commitment is the same regardless of track. Participants will pick up where we left off in the April Planning Intensive and dive deep into inclusive student culture, coaching principals, and strategic planning for a strong start to the school year and beyond. 






3-4 daily sessions per week for 3 consecutive weeks in June

June 8-10

June 14-17

June 22-24


3-4 daily sessions per week for 3 consecutive weeks in July

July 7-9

July 12-15

July 20-22


The Split Track Summer Intensive starts in June, breaks for 3.5 weeks, and then resumes in July. Participants engage in 5 sessions over 2 consecutive weeks in June followed by 2 full weeks of no programming and then the other 5 sessions over 2 consecutive weeks in July.

June 8-10

June 14-15

July 14-15

July 20-22

Program Cost

$14,000 per participant

The program fee covers:

  • High-quality instructional professional development from experienced leaders
  • Hotel guest rooms during intersessions 3 and 4 (in 2022)
  • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks for participants during intersessions 3 and 4 (in 2022)
  • All course materials, licensing fees, and online access to electronic versions of resources
Jeanine Zitta

Relay’s leadership programs were really a turning point in my career path. While I thought I was a strong leader before, Relay gave me specific tools and language to use that supported my work in ways that made it more effective and efficient.

Jeanine Zitta

Jeanine Zitta's Story

"Relay’s leadership programs were really a turning point in my career path. While I thought I was a strong leader before, Relay gave me specific tools and language to use that supported my work in ways that made it more effective and efficient.  By taking this work back to my schools, we were able to really ground ourselves in common work that transcended school environments and allowed me to support across the district.  The leaders I supported found their own common language to use when working with teachers and students, and leaders were growing in their coaching abilities at an exponential pace.  We got deeper and deeper into our work and became our own subset of experts supporting one another in this very difficult work of leading schools. 

During Relay sessions (and even beyond), I found myself connecting with leaders from all over the world with similar values and passion for student growth and teacher effectiveness, that I was learning not only from the facilitators, but also from colleagues.  Staying connected with the teachings and participants of Relay is a way that I stay current in the work of school leadership, and a way to always have a partner in the conversation that I know will push me to be better for those I lead."

Jeanine Zitta, Network Superintendent, St. Louis Public Schools
National Principal Supervisor Academy 2017
Leverage Leadership Institute, Cohort 4, 2018 

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