Engaging All Learners

What is a curated workshop series?

A set of workshops deliberately designed and sequenced to build skills in one topic, from the fundamentals to advanced techniques. Through community, discussion, and multiple opportunities to practice, teachers hone new strategies they can use right away.

Engaging All Learners


The very essence of teaching hinges on crafting inclusive environments where all students can engage deeply with learning. In many classrooms, however, students experience barriers that impact their ability to fully participate.  This series covers strategies to ensure all can engage cognitively, including how to eliminate barriers to learning in the classroom and ensure lessons are accessible to multilingual learners. By the end of the series, educators are equipped with the knowledge and skills to cultivate an inclusive and engaging learning environment where every student can thrive.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to…

Proactively apply the Universal Design for Learning Framework to the classroom environment and lesson plans and to eliminate barriers to learning

Apply comprehensible input strategies to make lessons accessible to multilingual learners

Employ a variety of engagement techniques to ensure all students are actively participating in instruction

Hearing from Our Partners

It was so refreshing to attend a professional development session that modeled best practices! It's so much easier to internalize and visualize what it can look like when you get to see it first.

Lindsay Miller, Special Education Instructional Coach, Bullitt County Public Schools

Tangible strategies and resources, with opportunities for practice in a safe space. Thank you!

Rosa Joo, Green Dot Public Schools, Teacher Effectiveness Specialist

Our facilitator was very inclusive, mindful of our time, and also did a great job of teaching adults. (Not always easy to do)

Katie Stuhmer, Teacher Harding University High, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

This was the best facilitated online session I have attended. It was so smoothly, calmly, and sensitively led. What a great model for our teachers and for myself as a leader. I am blown away by how engaging, organized, and meaningful this session was.

Heather Lee-Joy, AP of Instruction, KIPP Austin


  • Workshops must be booked 6-10 weeks in advance of delivery.
  • Price is for up to 50 teachers

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