Virtual Workshops

We offer professional learning workshops for teachers, organized into series that address common challenges facing educators today.  Explore the curated series or peruse the catalog to choose the set of workshops that meet your educators’ needs. 

Curated Workshop Series

Each curated series guides educators through an arc of learning, from the fundamental principles to more specialized skills.

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The Virtual Workshops Catalog

Want to try just one or two workshops, or design a custom workshops series with the guidance of our team? Browse the full catalog of virtual workshops.

The Experience

Relay’s teacher professional learning workshops are based on more than a decade’s worth of experience training teachers.

Relevant Content

All workshop content is grounded in Relay’s Elements of Effective Teaching, which reflect a wide range of evidence-based practices.

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An experienced facilitator

All are highly-effective current or former PreK-12 classroom teachers or leaders.

A practice-based approach

We provide ample time for small-group discussion, practice, and synthesis.

A culturally responsive and equity-centered lens

We treat equity not as a separate unit but as a fundamental component of all teaching practice.

A diverse and supportive community

Facilitators create a warm and productive adult learning environment for teachers participating with their teams or across grade, content, or experience level.

Start Your Journey

Our team is happy to talk with you about your needs and find the right professional learning opportunities for your schools and community.

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