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Relay leadership programs

Powerful instructional professional development for school and system leaders.

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Relay Leadership Programs offers professional development experiences, as well as targeted coaching and support for sitting school and system leaders and teacher coaches at all points in their careers. Elevate your leadership, inspire your teachers and principals, and forever improve the lives of the students you serve.

Relay leadership programs

Relay Leadership Programs

Leadership Programs

National Principal Supervisor Academy (NPSA)

The NPSA program allows system-level leaders the unique opportunity to learn from expert principal supervisors, see excellence in action, and receive ongoing, targeted feedback on their own work as they lead system improvement. The cohort will be a select group of system-level leaders from across the country who will work with each other and their leadership teams to problem solve the challenges they face as they aim to strengthen instructional leadership across a network of schools.

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National Principal Academy Fellowship (NPAF)

The NPAF program is a one-year fellowship program that prepares principals and other school leadership team members to become exceptional instructional leaders. In the program, leaders will engage in practice-based learning that will strengthen their ability to deepen their focus on teaching and learning for all students. This selective program provides job-embedded leadership training for current principals and instructional leaders from across the country.

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Inclusive Schools Leadership Institute (ISLI)

The Inclusive Schools Leadership Institute (ISLI) is a one-year fellowship that prepares school leaders and leaders of exceptional learners in those schools to build authentically inclusive schools and to improve academic and social-emotional outcomes for exceptional learners.

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Instructional Leadership Professional Development (ILPD)

In response to partner and participant feedback around further building alignment within systems and schools, we offer an opportunity for leaders to join a summer-only training around the same core instructional levers as are developed more deeply in our NPAF and NPSA year-long programs.  While the Instructional Leader Professional Development (ILPD) program is open to all leaders, it is particularly well suited for leadership team members (assistant principals, instructional coaches, etc.) as a complement to their principal and principal manager’s attendance in NPAF and NPSA.

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Data Informed Decision Making Professional Learning Community (DIDM PLC)

The Data Informed Decision Making Professional Learning Community (DIDM PLC) is an opportunity for leaders to work with a community of like-minded leaders to focus on sharpening both their systems and skills to use data to inform instructional decisions.  The PLC will be open to a maximum of 35 leaders who have done or will be doing Relay’s one-week Instructional Leadership Professional Development program (ILPD) who want to go deeper on one strand of Relay’s Instructional Leadership content. 

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Leverage Leadership Institute (LLI)

The Leverage Leadership Institute provides the opportunity for leaders with a proven track record of success in their local districts to join a program focused on creating national impact. The LLI provides this opportunity for Fellows to push their impact even further and earn distinction for their ability to achieve large-scale impact for children and schools.

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California Instructional Leadership Professional Development

Relay is excited to continue training school leaders and instructional coaches in California! Drawing content from Relay’s National Principal and Principal Supervisors Academy, the California ILPD program is a one-year fellowship that prepares current principal managers, principals, assistant principals, and other members of instructional leadership teams to become more effective instructional and cultural leaders. Participants will work in school teams to develop a common language and systems and will leave sessions with a clear roadmap for implementation aligned to their school’s schedule.

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Regional Support and Regional Instructional Leadership Development

The Relay Regional Support Program provides partner networks with an opportunity to receive targeted coaching and support in an effort to deepen program implementation and increase leader skill. Regional support is a selective opportunity, which is based on a partner’s ongoing investment in NPAF/NPSA programming as well as a demonstrated commitment to implementation.

In certain regions across the country we offer a tailored version of our national programming. In these regional ILPD programs, we focus in on the levers of Observation and Feedback and Data Driven Instruction in order to deeply build knowledge and skills and accelerate implementation in the local context.  

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Our Partners

Relay Leadership programs partners directly with schools, districts, and organizations to support the development of school and system level leaders.

Denver Public Schools




Ector County Independent School District


The Mindtrust


Greely-Evans School District 6


Mesa County Valley School District 51


NYC Dept. of Education


Texas Education Agency


Silicon Schools




Galveston Independent School District


Jefferson County Public Schools


Follow the Leaders

Explore Relay's Follow the Leaders series and meet exceptional leaders demonstrating what's possible during turbulent times.

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Making the Exception the Norm Case Study
Case Study

Making the Exception the Norm

Relay leaders affirm that they are better equipped to lead schools effectively and report increased feelings of self-efficacy.

90% of leaders “strongly agreed” or “agreed” that Relay’s program prepared them to lead coaching meetings that made time for teachers to practice ways to address feedback, and deliver feedback in an effective manner.

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The Relay Leadership Programs Team is a diverse and dynamic group of individuals with a wealth of experience and a shared goal: to make our Leadership Programs as effective, exciting, and impactful as possible. Read a message from the Deans of the Leadership Programs here.

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